Today I was perusing the internet and I ran across an add for Zales’ new Marilyn Monroe collection. As the name obviously suggests it’s a line of diamond pieces that are inspired by the iconic blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe.

They’re lovely!

Many of the rings are much more Art Deco than I’d have expected. The Art Deco style wasn’t really “of her time” (she was born in 1926). She’s very much a 1950’s star. But, weirdly the Art Deco gems seem incredibly appropriate for her tribute collection. I’d love to think she would have liked what they made and even worn a few of them? Right?

Anyway, unfortunately I can’t say I’ll be purchasing these pieces but goodness I hope others do. Truly. (And, no I wasn’t paid or given anything to write this. I just love the concept and love gemstones.) They’re soo pretty! Take a look.

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