Snowy Weather

We have a lot of snow today thanks to another storm that made its way through yesterday. There already was a nice layering but today it’s the sort of dense, fluffy white landscape I remember from my childhood. Those years actually did have more snow fall though in general (it’s recorded).

Growing up I heard stories about my maternal great grandmother’s cousin who saved people in the late 1800’s in a snowstorm in California on skis due to his innate sense of direction. (There’s actually a statue in California of him because of his wintry heroics) And I like to think I have a decent sense of direction in my genes (or learned) somehow, but it’s easy when there are landmarks you can recall. I can’t entirely imagine being in the middle of a totally blinding snowstorm and knowing exactly where I am. Maybe with global warming I’ll have many opportunities to try that someday. Who knows. (moment of gallows humor)

But truly, I love a real winter. And this morning over my Darjeeling (I bought it organic and in bulk) I made a choice to embrace the cold and…sample this:

…See, I accidentally bought it. And I had planned to just send it back. But Saks charges for returns and it’s not great to ship stuff if you don’t have to because it contributes to global warming and…I’m trying to find excuses to keep it. *laugh* I want to see what Jean-Claude Ellena did for Frederic Malle after growing fond of what Carlos Benaim created with Eau De Magnolia. Also there’s actually another bottle of Eau De Magnolia in this one. Ha!

Here are my quick first impressions:

Angeliques Sous La Pluie

As I smell Angeliques Sous La Pluie I’m happy I made the choice to keep this set. I like this set considerably more than the other one already. (Spoiler alert: they’re all slightly similar to Eau De Magnolia in my opinion.) This set gives me a better idea why people love this house so much.

Honestly, Angeliques Sous La Pluie is everything I had hoped to find with Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Féminin Pluriel. It’s cool but not remote. It’s melancholy but not depressing.

Brigarade Concentree

So good! Bigarade Concentree is fresh, elegant and inviting. Very 1950’s “poolside with martinis” to my nose. Lots of beautiful citrus.

Cologne Indelebile

What can I say? These colognes are my favorites from Malle. And Cologne Indelebile is great too. It’s also very evocative of the past like most of the others in this collection. It smells a bit like antique men’s aftershave. Maybe this is what my great grandmother’s cousin smelled like when he saved all those people. Ha! *rolling eyes* Actually, he probably smelled like sweat, leather and wool. Maybe old-fashioned pipe tobacco too? But you never know! Right?! Perhaps he always dressed for the day like a gentleman regardless. *smile*

L’Eau D’Hiver

As I started sampling L’Eau D’Hiver Bing Crosby came on the radio. Perfect! It’s such a lovely, herbal iris. And quite vintage smelling too. It reminds me a little of something that would have been created in the 1930’s for men. Except it’s not Ernest Daltroff or Henri Almeras of course but the ebullient, fresh and charming Jean-Claude Ellena. I like it!

Again, if I buy another big bottle from this house it’ll most likely be one of these. I can see the modern clean and yet beautifully complex sensibility of Frederic Malle with this set. Very much like delicious gourmet food. We’ll see…

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