Câline (Repost)

The opening of Câline is beautiful (Jean Patou 1964). Truly lovely. It’s a burst of aldehydic, green, typically 1960’s charm. Think of Chamade, Miss Balmain, and Fidji. But frankly, of all of those 60’s lovelies, I think this is the most elegant… It’s a pastel scent and the pretty, ladylike florals are powdery but with a sensual muskiness and a slightly pungent oakmoss, citrus and labdanum. It’s a chypre and it’s gorgeous… *Ahh*

Top notes: mimosa, mandarin orange, basil, aldehydes, bergamot and neroli. Middle notes: rose, cyclamen, orris root, coriander, ginger, patchouli, ylang-ylang, African orange flower, jasmine and carnation. Base notes: musk, amber, Virginia cedar, oakmoss, French labdanum, and sandalwood.

Nose: Henri Giboulet

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