Lovely Patchouli 55 (Repost)

(Update: I grew to love, love this. I now have a full bottle and it’s one of my favorites from my whole collection. It took me months of wearing it though…)


Although Krigler is a very luxurious, and respectable house I’m afraid Lovely Patchouli 55 (Krigler 1955) is not exactly…what I expected.   It’s very sweet, and there’s something almost abrasive about the way it plays with my chemistry.   It’s also tart.  

The notes mix together to form a particularly loud patchouli and then collectively punch one in the nose.  I would not say it is pretty…or handsome.  And, while the drydown improves it, it doesn’t alter it entirely.

Notes: bergamot, leather, amber and patchouli.

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