Polka Dots And Lace

Years ago I had an idea to streamline my wardrobe down to cotton single colored pieces in the summer and cashmere in the winter. I planned to accessorize those simple pieces with colorful scarves and jewelry. But alas, it did not work out very well.

Now, I’m on a similar but much more practical path. I’m going to use what I have (not an original concept I know), tailor the pieces I’ve been meaning to tailor, and try to only buy vintage and used from now on with the exception of a few items. Maybe a designer belt, another pair of shoes, the two or three handbags I would still like to have, a classic coat, a winter coat or two, watch and pearls. But that’s it. Ideally.

It’s environmentally wise, insofar as I’m giving my dollars to companies that are sustainable and create products of quality and craftsmanship. And it uses what’s already been created. It minimizes my carbon footprint.

Maybe, dear reader, you should do the same? I’m sure more than a few of you have pieces that you could easily use for the rest of your life. Classic pieces or pieces you love so much it’s worth it to devote your time to them.

Honestly, I find the idea romantic too. If we all had signature pieces that we used most of our adulthood I’d like to think that those pieces would become part of us in some lovely way. Erin’s turquoise ring and Melanie’s Tod’s handbag. Jack’s blue cashmere scarf. Laura’s green wool coat. Pieces that remind people of us all and our uniqueness.



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