Frangipani  (Repost)

Frangipani (Ormonde Jayne 2003) opens with a sugary, opulent note of lime. But it’s a lime of many layers. And it’s flanked by a flourish of sweet lily, orchid and lush plum. Rose and frangipani emerges carrying along amber with them.  Yet still, the lime remains with its crisp, structured and light beauty, even into the sweet, spicy, vanillic and cedar drydown. Really though, this scent is kind of unique in that it seems like a 3D effect is created because it seems that it changes, giving emphasis to different notes with each movement you make. It projects in a very fascinating way. 

Top notes: lime blossom, lime and magnolia.  Middle notes: plum, water lily, tuberose, rose, frangipani and water lily. Base notes: amber, vanilla, cedar, and musk.  

Nose: Geza Schoen 

7 thoughts on “Frangipani  (Repost)

  1. I love this scent! Spot on with the 3D effect. Perhaps not the best fit for my skin, apparently it smells like butter, pine needles and celery (?) on me. I wear it anyway 🙂 I think I liked it almost better when the perfume. concentration was weaker some years ago.

    1. That’s too bad! The butter and pine needles doesn’t sound terrible but if you add celery I can imagine it’s not optimal. 😬 But I do the same with a few fragrances that probably don’t necessarily work to my advantage. 😂😊 That’s interesting that it’s become stronger over time!

      Thank you for commenting. ❤️

      1. Yes, I choose carefully when I wear it. In case someone around me is sensitive to the scent of buttered celery. 😀 I meant that Ormonde Jayne changed their edp:s some years ago, so they now contain 30% perfume oil. I used to own it before that change and my newish bottle doesn’t smell exactly the same. But since I don’t have any of the old perfume left it could just be my memory of the scent that’s changed. 🙂

      2. That’s kind. 😂😊

        Yes! I understood you meant something along those lines and I find that interesting. But hmm… I bet it really is different. 🤔🤗

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