Nahema (Repost)

I’ve seen Nahema around on Instagram and wondered what it was all about (Guerlain 1979). It sounded like a truly mysterious rose. And, it is…

Of all the roses I’ve tried this is by far the darkest and wildest. It’s not dark and wild in some trite, static-moment-in-history, tacky way either. The peru balsam mixes with the green 70’s peach and creates a velvety thickness that flanks the daring rose. It’s nothing to be trifled with. At all. …But intriguingly while I appreciate it a lot it does not work well with my skin chemistry. As it wore on it almost seemed…angry *laughing* and as much as I wanted to love it for personal use I can’t. But for those Nahema likes I imagine it’s absolute bliss to wear.

Top notes: rose, peach, bergamot, green notes and aldehyde notes. Middle notes: hyacinth, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lilac and lily of the valley. Base notes: vanilla, passion flower, Peru balsam, vetiver and sandalwood.

Nose: Jean-Paul Guerlain

2 thoughts on “Nahema (Repost)

  1. I can only wear Nahema on the coldest days. In hot weather it smells really awful on my skin. Your post about Marilyn and Grace Kelly’s diets has me wondering if my seasonal diet (more grains and dairy in Winter) has more influence on my body chemistry than the weather temperature. Hmmm? A point to ponder…

    1. I’m not sure which would affect chemistry more. What an interesting question. It might be fun to test that. 😊

      You’re lucky you can wear Nahema in colder weather. It just never does well with my chemistry.

      This has me thinking about diets now. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. ❤️

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