Stradivari (Repost)

A spicy orris mixes with florals and oakmoss right at the outset of Stradivari (Prince Matchabelli 1950). This bold, sensual and intoxicating scent is both demure and alluring all at once. Perfect for day and yet so frothy, rich and mysterious that it hints constantly at the dim lights and shadows of night. It’s a great example of a smoky, leathery and yet truly prim green, woody floral that projected an aura of pristine innocence while concealing something quite the opposite…

However, the caveat should be noted that I suspect only in spring, very early summer, fall or winter weather could this contradiction happen. In other words, I imagine in hot weather Stradivari would bloom in such a way that it would only be a night scent.

At any rate, it’s a bit sublime. 

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