Potpourri (Repost)

With an opening that’s intensely spicy, warm and sweet, Potpourri (Prince Matchabelli 1940) is beautifully vintage. To my nose this is mostly a polite but not at all boring violet, ylang ylang, hyacinth, cloves and rich musk scent… Although a woody benzoin is one of those sort of notes that is dominant but manages to do so in the background and so it’s easy to underestimate its significance at first. Into the drydown it emerges in a way reminiscent of someone smoking a pipe with the vanillic tobacco of a bygone era.

At any rate, this is another one of those fragrances that informs us of the era it came from. It’s deceptively simple at first glance but in reality quite complex.

Top notes: lemon, citruses, hyacinth.  Middle notes: ylang ylang, lilac, rose, violet, cloves and spicy notes.  Base notes: musk, benzoin, vanilla, and woody notes. 

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