Moving forward (Repost)

(Note from 2019: Here’s another original.)
Above is a photo of one of the places we are considering moving to in our nearby city

I thought last week would be the deciding “moment,” but instead we have until Monday of next week to make a choice. There are two jobs on the table – one in Chicago, and one in a city close to where we live now.  As the story often goes, the one in the larger city, Chicago, is more prestigious, higher paying and would mean a quicker path to London. The position in a nearby, quaint, but somewhat small urban center is still a move upward career-wise, but it pays less and would mean more years here in the US.

Chicago, more specifically downtown Chicago, where we would be living, is not as safe as our lovely little city nearby, but is certainly more exciting. The smaller city, however, is closer to family and I could take walks outside with our son without being overly guarded. Plus, there’s a bed bug problem in even the nicest neighborhoods of downtown Chicago and having encountered those little vampires before I can attest to their utter yuckiness.  Also, while the job in Chicago pays more given the cost of living there it’s not as much of a difference as it might appear to be at first.

So, do we take a big leap to a sizable pond or a make a simple jump into a cozy pool? While Chicago is big it’s not the mecca that say, New York City is, and again it doesn’t have any close family…

I hope we make the best choice…by Monday.


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