Swim, Sail or Fly (Repost)

(Note from 2019: Here’s one of my first posts from 2014. Since the year and decade are almost over I thought I’d repost a few of my original posts from this blog to reflect.)



These photos were taken in 2012, at Blenheim Palace, during a vacation my husband and I took to England. We spent approximately one month there. It was an extraordinarily memorable experience for me. I had been planning to attend college in Wales at Aberystwyth in fall of 2010 when I met my husband and decided to stay in the US. That was after years and years of being an Anglophile.

I’m starting this blog as a way to chronicle our hopeful journey. We, as a couple, and as a family (we added a baby to our posse last year), are planning a move to the UK in the next few years.

Our dream, currently, is to reside in London within five years… We may even get there sooner. In any case, right now, we are still living Stateside, in the Midwest.


For now, at least I can pour my milk in first, add a u to color, watch reruns of Keeping Up Appearances and Mr. Bean and buy Penhaligons online. Sigh…


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  1. I use to love watching “Keeping Up Appearances”! Back when my daughter was little the local PBS station played it paired with “A Fine Romance”. I miss good programs like those.

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