Eleganter Schwan 06 (new fragrance post)

Oh my…

Krigler is one of my favorite houses. I have yet to visit their NYC store but I’d like to sooner than later.

Anyway, I’m determined to add a bottle or two more Krigler to my collection. I think this will be the niche house I choose for the places I had allocated on my ultimate perfume collection shopping list. It’s just such a very beautiful, historic, elegant and romantic house.

Elegant Schwan 06, which debuted for the second time in 2017, was an Albert Krigler original fragrance from the early 20th Century discontinued by the 1920’s. As it says on their website: “Krigler drew inspiration from Neuschwanstein Castle, naming it after the castle’s special trademark, the swan. The floral German rose accent combined with a warm sandalwood note is reminiscent of the gardens of the romantic and iconic castle.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

Neuschwanstein Castle, located in SW Bavaria, Germany (via Google Images)

Well…what can I say? It’s exquisite.

Except…it’s also extremely similar to Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire. But where LPRN is a pair of elegant white jeans from GAP Eleganter Schwan 06 is the pair of white jeans by Saint Laurent which are essentially almost the same thing but better.

…And that’s confusing too because this supposedly was from the early 1900’s. So? *laughing* Who copied who? Coincidence?

But…where LPRN is early 21st Century sass (with a note of cherry). Eleganter Schwan is indeed a more opulent golden goddess of long ago… It is really lovely.

Will I buy a bottle? Gosh, I don’t know. It’s genuinely expensive at around $900.00. I have a few on my list that lean in that direction but that’s a lot for the (albeit) total goddess version of a recent Guerlain classic I already own. *shrug* But, at the same time, the pear note sings an aria in the drydown and it is beautifully heartbreaking and epic.

We’ll see…

Notes: Rose, sandalwood, pear, iris, lime, vanilla, and patchouli.

(Photo of castle from Google Images)

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