Après l’Ondée 1950’s parfum (new fragrance post)

Will I buy a bottle of Elegant Schwan 06? Mm… It’s unclear. Will I buy a bottle of vintage Après l’Ondée? Yes!

Licorice? How in the world did Guerlain make licorice smell so elegant?! It’s uncanny.

I mean, licorice is yummy and all but it’s licorice.

Anyway, vintage Après l’Ondée is Guerlain at its best. It’s lacquered carnation and a melancholy but spicy rose with a somewhat masculine styrax. And overall it’s vanillic, otherworldly, poignant olfactory genius. I’m in awe.

Neroli? Orris? Sure. We’ve all smelled these notes before. But golly. This is a masterpiece.

Even if into the mid drydown Après l’Ondée is almost too powdery and almost a bit medicinal (or reminiscent of liquid pink public washroom soap ha!) and Eleganter Schwan, for example, has an objectively prettier and more charming drydown…Après l’Ondée is superior. Yup. I said it. Sorry… It’s just that it’s just that darn good. The “flaws” (if there are any) are only fascinating.

I almost need a bottle.

Top notes: Cassia, neroli, anise, bergamot and lemon. Middle notes: Orris root, rose, violet, vetiver, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, carnation, jasmine and mimosa. Base notes: Vanilla, benzoin, styrax, musk, heliotrope, amber and iris.

Nose: Jacques Guerlain

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