Un Chercher (Repost)

This is a wild fragrance (Signature Fragrances 2014). But it’s wild and…blue. Sort of like super chilled whisky.

The lemon and lavender are menthol-like in an almost eucalyptus sort of way but, also, they’re exaggerated versions of themselves…

At any rate, this fragrance, classified as a men’s fragrance, is in fact quite gentlemanly. Very polite in fact. Even when the oud and meets the lusty musk it all stays office appropriate . Also, the airy and herbal charm of the lemon (flanked by an intelligent bergamot) overtakes everything and refuses to be anything but sublimely fresh, classic and…nice.

I don’t usually wear men’s fragrances but this is one I may have to consider.

Top notes: lemon, bergamot and lavender. Middle notes: sandalwood, patchouli snd agarwood. Base notes: musk and amber.

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