Rose Prick

Have you heard of Tom Ford’s new fragrance Rose Prick? It’s intriguing.

Honestly, the notes sound…good. Peppery, lush rose with a warm base? Wonderful. But…who is this perfume mocking? Or celebrating? Or what is it making fun of?

Honestly, I have no interest in testing it because I’m tired of how negative everything is nowadays. *sigh* Even if the notes are objectively lovely we’re on the verge of WWIII and our planet is both melting and on bloody fire at the same time. I’m not in the mood to wear a fragrance inspired by some imaginary “prick”. You know? What about you? Are you curious to find out what Tom Ford thinks a prickish rose or rosy prick (?) would smell like?

…No, I’m going to wear a big bottle of Fleur de Feu. I’ve decided tonight that that’ll be my last fragrance purchase of the year. I’ll find some compassionate use for the money I’d spend otherwise. And I’ll wear that rose with Jo Malone Red Roses unless we have an official world war and then I’ll just wear Fleurs de Feu… (Edit: I’ll also wear vintage 1980’s/90’s Carolina Herrera and vintage 1980’s/90’s Gloria Vanderbilt Gloria Vanderbilt. However, to clarify, I’m not planning to liquidate my collection.)


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