4 thoughts on “Bolero (Repost)

  1. I just wanted to comment on your last past but you have the comment feature turned off on all your new posts (if you don’t want people leaving comments please feel free to delete mine, I totally get why you might not want comments) I agree, the play-on-words Fragrance and Cosmetic names are too much and have caused me to turn away from buying products I might have otherwise purchased. I’ve grown weary of the Beauty Industry as a whole and likewise, I’m not liquidating my Fragrance Collection, but I am no longer adding to mine.❤️

    1. It was the specific name that bothered me in this case, but certainly the beauty industry is troubling and has been for many years and it’s good to be careful as a consumer. However do you mean something in particular that they’ve been doing very recently though?

      1. The use of profanity, pornographic and illicit drug references have just gotten so much worse the past few years. Influencer marketing is another thing that has really turned me off but, really, it just came upon my heart this past summer how ugly it all seemed to me and I’ve taken a huge step back from buying Beauty Products including Fragrances. I still enjoy reading reviews from trusted sources though❤️

      2. I understand. It’s not an awesome time in history overall (ha!) but the “little things” like perfume names and etc. add up, so to speak. It just gets to be too much ickiness to be ok with after a while. Not that life can be totally sanitized but it’s just too much. I get what you mean! ❤️

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