Marilyn on a Bus (Spoiler Alert)

Also…I very recently watched the 1956 film directed by Joshua Logan based loosely on the William Inge play, “Bus Stop”. Marilyn Monroe was the big star of the film of course, and she does carry almost the entire movie by herself. While the other actors are necessary (Hope Lange, Arthur O’Connell, Eileen Heckart, Betty Field and Don Murray) it would be a wreck if Monroe hadn’t been the star. That’s my opinion anyway…

But truly, in a way, it’s so heartbreaking to watch. Marilyn is this Hillbilly heroine named Cherie who decides to rescue her own life (and possibly her little sister’s too) by leaving home and making her way to Hollywood. In order to make it there though she has to spend time working as a chanteuse in a saloon. Things are rough but she’s determined and then she meets Bo. Sweet, exceptionally handsome, and good-hearted Bo.

He’s an unaware type of individual and so is she, they’re also both backward and maybe a little dim, but both have good intentions and very strong wills. In a matter of time- Anyway, with the $43 ring (in 1956 Dollars) he gives her and the supremely manly coat from his back that he shares with her she may find real happiness. ( I won’t entirely ruin the ending. Sorry.) And…it’s heartbreaking in that way because I think the true Marilyn was looking for her real Bo her whole life. Her true love. *sigh* Her passionate, super manly, bright spirited, deep, smart and kind man with Celtic charm. Joe DiMaggio, Miller, the Kennedys and something bright and open that was reminiscent of the better part of herself. *sigh* …Maybe he even would have been a real cowboy of the old sort. Who knows… And I wonder if she’d met him, if he existed, if she would have even given up her career for him? For love and respect? Happiness? I wonder. Because Bo really is Marilyn’s persona’s perfect match (or darn near close)… Bo hints at the type of man the real Marilyn Monroe might have also needed and wanted.

In the mood for an upbeat romance? Ha! I think TCM still has “Bus Stop” On Demand or you can rent it. Either way, it’s at least worth watching once.

Watch clips here and here .

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