The Meghan Troubles

“She’s a garbage commoner” “American Trash” said Americans and British alike in response to an article about the Meghan and Harry’s “Hamexit” (ham seems appropriate given Meghan’s theatrical aspirations and history) from the Royal Family. And of course there were also (tragically) racist comments and comments about how awful the Royal Family is…and, of course, references to the late Princess Diana that were either for or against the couple.

*Ahem* But I’m going to quickly discuss class now, because it’s relevant to this story. If you disagree or find what I’m saying offensive I’m slightly sorry. *smile* I’ll return to not discussing it after this post.

Is Meghan in fact “a commoner”? Yes and no and yes? By American standards, Kate’s background is both middle and upper-middle class with tinges of the upper class and Meghan’s is actually quite similar to that. Sure Meghan has ties to somewhat historically significant ancestors in American history through the Markle name but considering her father and his family and their “aesthetic” of a sort of self-victimizing desperation, cloddish tastelessness and embarrassing lack of any pretense to genuine “elegance” (note quotation marks) it’s perhaps meaningful on a personal level but not particularly all that indicative of the class she was in before her Royal marriage. And she doesn’t seem to really acknowledge that family anymore anyway… But to be more clear while there is a relation in her father’s lineage to an aristocrat it’s not the family name Markle and it’s genuinely distant history in their case. There’s a relation. It’s not a grandparent’s surname. It’s not even a great grandparent’s surname. It’s “ stuff”.

Meghan’s real “elegance” seems to have started with her mother actually. Her mother is upper-middle class and well educated. And Meghan has her own hard-earned trappings of the upper-middle class as well. I suppose some credit should be given to her father and his lottery winnings (literally) and semi-posh Hollywood lighting job for her education. He did realize that that was a way for his daughter to “better herself” and he helped fund that part of her life. But, it’s her mother who seems to have truly informed her views the most.

So is she a commoner? Yes. Very much so. But she’s “well bred” too. Despite how badly she’s behaving she’s not really all that…”trashy”. (Sorry if that narrative comforts you.)

…The thing is…even if her mother is lovely and has raised Meghan well that doesn’t mean she was truly ready for the huge leap into the British Royal Family. Joke or not, the Royal Family does have an intense and significant role and history. Right? Meghan may or may not truly love Harry for himself instead of his prestige and glamour but a sort of culture shock was unavoidable either way. She’s an American, racially diverse, ex upper-middle class and former cable television show actress of somewhat notable success (and wealth) but definite beauty. That’s a long distance from understanding or being a part of Harry’s world. It’s an even farther distance from respecting or appreciating it.

Will their union last? Maybe. Maybe… They do seem to have an “us against the world” thing between them and that can be very powerful in keeping a marriage intact. But it’s unclear what Meghan’s motives are overall (or Harry’s). Will she use her husband just long enough to accomplish her ends and then drop him for attractive younger men and even more freedom in the future? Will he eventually cheat and “move on” out of frustration and regret? Or will they last? The new Wallis and Edward? Perhaps the Bahamas are calling…

Who knows. But regardless, it’s depressing and dramatic. And I do think Meghan and Harry have been very disrespectful to Queen Elizabeth and the British people and at the same time I wonder what level of awfulness Meghan has had to endure…

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