Wallis In Charge

“…in charge of our days and our nights…”. I have the theme song to the 1980’s sitcom Charles In Charge stuck in my head. “…in charge of our wrongs and our rights.”

Nevermind American television shows from my childhood. Do you know who Wallis Simpson is?! *smile* You should. Truly.

Wallis Simpson is one of the most glamorous and yet also highly controversial figures in Western History. She was already a once divorced and presently cheating wife when she met King Edward VIII and beguiled him with her magic. And my gosh, was that woman magic. There was something about her that so captured the very popular and relatively youthful British King’s attention that he forsook others just to truly possess her. Well, and he forsook the crown too.

Can you imagine though? Giving up the crown to one of the most powerful and vast empires ever to exist for the sake of love? And he actually did it. For her. Who? Wallis Simpson. Ms. Magic.

…Things didn’t go so well after that for them, but that only adds to the epic nature of the story and the grandeur of his affections. He’s quoted as saying, “At last I am able to say a few words of my own…you must believe me when I tell you that I would not have been able to carry the heavy stress of responsibility and to do my duties as King, as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.” My goodness.

Intriguingly as a side-note, I have read that Wallis was…very particular about many things. In charge? …Mm. Yes. And Edward might have liked it that way.

AND in the past few days I’ve also read many articles about how similar or not similar Wallis is to Meghan Markle due to the current “abdication crises”. Maybe you have too?

Anyway, I’m here to say that I’ve been making that comparison since I first heard about Meghan. Literally. On this blog. I’ve always compared those two to each other…

Why? Because…because…they are a lot alike. A lot.

Shall I make a numbered list of what they have in common? Ha! Maybe I should. *shrug*

Ok. And yes, I think Meghan is probably “in charge” too.

1. They’re both American. Not just “American” either, mind you. No. They both seem like the female embodiment of a type (not all Americans are the same of course) of true Americana. At least they seem like that to me. Perhaps it’s their sartorial viewpoints. Very American. Their senses of style remind me of each other’s quite a bit.

2. They were both raised by single mothers who had reduced means after the end of their marriages. Meghan’s father is still alive and Wallis’ father died, but it does seem as if their mothers were the main parental figures either way. And they both lived in modest living situations with their moms while being surrounded by wealth socially.

3. They’re both incredibly resilient and unusually intelligent. Being raised without a father in childhood and then divorced as an adult was a terrible challenge back in the early half of the 20th Century but Wallis kept rising socially to meteoric levels regardless. Wallis also divorced a second time to marry Edward, of course. And given the many obstacles she’s faced so far and her current stature despite it all Meghan seems to have that same ability to “bounce back” and land on the moon.

4. Both women have a tendency to climb ladders using their feminine charms. From one man to another up the social heap they similarly ascended. (An objective observation not a judgment.)

5. And accordingly…they both seem to wield an uncanny amount of power over men romantically, but more specifically men in the British Royal Family. One man each to be clear. And those men, while different in their respective amount of authority in reference to the crown, do have a certain similarity as individuals. At least, it appears to me that Edward and Harry are somewhat alike too…

6. They’re both a paradoxical combination of taboo and acceptable by the standards of their times. Wallis “the American divorcée” (no longer as big of a deal as it was in her day) and Meghan also an American who is of varying races (shouldn’t be a big deal today but still sadly is). Yet, both are also lovely, photogenic, captivating, and stylish. All perceived positives. Also, both were and are reasonably socio-economically acceptable for a royal marriage and yet not entirely so either.

7. …I could go on and on (including how they have affected their Royal in-laws relationships with their Royal men)…but I’ll conclude with these photos, which I think suggest that there’s something the same about their personality types. Their souls. It’s the way their very beings are reflected in their eyes, I think. Different people but lots in common.

(Images via Google Images)

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