Ombré Rose (Repost)

Perhaps it’s the elegant use of rose and aldehydes but regardless, Ombré Rose (Jean-Charles Brosseau 1981) reminds me quite a lot of Chanel No. 22 at the start. Then a woody, vanillic, smoky warmth emerges that sizzles gorgeously without inhibition and yet with a lot of powdery whimsy too. This is a definite rose scent but the accompanying sandalwood, vetiver, rosewood, lily-of-the-valley and really all of the masterfully blended notes are far from out-shadowed by the dominant rose.

Top notes: Brazilian rosewood, peach, geranium, and aldehydes.   Middle notes: sandalwood, orris root, vetiver, ylang ylang, lily-of-the-valley, cedar and rose.  Base notes: honey, iris, tonka bean, cinnamon, musk, vanilla, and heliotrope. 

Nose: Françoise Caron 

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