Ferentina (Repost)

I’ve had this somewhat rare Caesar’s World Ferentina (Caesar’s World For Women 1994) for over a year without reviewing it until now. My husband casually bought it at an antique store last spring. And, while I smelled the bottle and sort of liked the fragrance a little I was too blinded by the stereotypes associated with the maker to investigate it at all quickly. Caesar’s World of Las Vegas, NV doesn’t exactly bring to mind all that’s particularly tasteful in regard to artistry, and I just wasn’t in the mood to bother doing more research yet… However, I’ve recently given it more of a chance and it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Ferentina, after whom the fragrance was named, was a mythical spirit of nature and water to the Romans and this fragrance is fairly aptly named. Cassis is bold and so are the other super-sized 1990’s florals (especially rose) but given the equally strong sandalwood, musk and amber at the base it becomes balanced and the overall effect is a pretty opulence. If I were to compare it to another fragrance I’d pick Cabotine de Grès in a heartbeat… Actually, imagine Cabotine under bright lights in sequin dress and you have Ferentina.

Top notes: marigold, orange blossom and cassis. Middle notes: cinnamon, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang. Base notes: sandalwood, musk and amber.

5 thoughts on “Ferentina (Repost)

  1. Looks like something a *floosie* would wear…I’m sorry about the lame joke lead in but I’m in all seriousness wanting to lift your heavy heart and tell you, you most certainly are not a floosie-gold digging-criminal. Now this perfume…right off the bat I got a Versace vibe from that bottle which took my mind to “Showgirls” and straight to the Vegas gutter but the notes as you have written sound quite lovely, classic. I can imagine someone like Jane Russell wearing this Fragrance❤️

    1. Indeed. 😂😊 But yes, Ferentina actually is surprisingly good. 🤗 I bet some showgirl types have hidden good taste on occasion too, and if I were to cast anyone in a complex role like that Jane Russell would be heavenly (literally perhaps). ☺️

    2. Just a quick add: It occurred to me after responding that Jane Russell in “Gentleman Prefer Blonds is almost exactly that role. 😂🤔😊

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