In 2005 I met a dear young lady who became my closest friend in college. I had other close friends but she was probably the closest. We’ll call her Sarah.

Anyway, even though she was lovely and very smart and well bred too, she had been homeschooled and was quite painfully shy. And Sarah had a roommate who was a sort of early 2000’s flapper. Flapper again? Why yes. Sometimes things repeat themselves and if necessary so do I…

This Millennial flapper had platinum blond hair, a lot of sass, a face that actually resembled Baby Spice (from the Spice Girls) and a boyfriend who pretty much lived for her. She’d text him frequently throughout the day about even minor occurrences and he’d relish every drop of her golden attention. Years later they were married.

Sarah was in awe of her.

Once when I was in their room I took a long glance at the flapper’s side and noticed Britney Spears Curious sitting on the flapper’s dresser. I picked it up and smelled it. Looking back I shouldn’t have done that as it wasn’t mine, but it was such a captivating tourquoise bottle and well…I was very curious. Ha! I also had no intention of using it.

It shocked me. Back in 2005 my nose wasn’t prepared for the combination of bitter and sweet. The musk, lotus, tuberose and pear? It’s a feisty and sexy gourmand and bold gourmands were still a relatively new thing back then. The 2000’s took gourmand to a new level.

“Why does she want to smell like that? I’m sorry, but that’s not really all that pretty.” I mused. “Oof!”

“I know!” Sarah answered with a smile. “But golly, does her boyfriend adore her!” She sighed deeply and plopped herself down on her bed.

“Huh.” I felt wonderfully perplexed. There was something in the notes that I didn’t understand because I knew this fragrance was very popular. People loved it for a reason. And, I realized that some magic was performed by her wearing it because she wore it a lot. I even suspected that it actually may have made her boyfriend love her all the more. Yes. Something as simple as her perfume. He “loved her for her” I’m sure, but I’m also sure he associated this fragrance with her and… Well…

Sarah continued, “She’s a mystery. Oh! She’s soo beautiful.” She shook her head.

Their room was filled with glitter and pop culture on the flapper’s side and lady-like elegance, taste and frugality on Sarah’s side. Sarah’s side reminded me of my Shalimar, tea and…sadness. Beautiful too actually. …But the flapper’s side was…alive. So damn alive.

Top notes: Magnolia, pear and lotus. Middle notes: Tuberose, jasmine and cyclamen. Base notes: Sandalwood, vanilla, white woods and musk.

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