Being an actual princess isn’t the same thing as being one in a Disney movie. In real life it’s a difficult existence. Sure there are glamorous perks but it’s not the cake, champagne and Hermès bags that many Americans foolishly think it is (or a lot of other people from around dither world too, I suppose). Black Americans. White Americans. Hispanic Americans… Asian Americans… Asian-Pacific Islander Americans… Indian Americans… Indigenous Americans… Americans of Middle-Eastern heritage. American Jews. Catholics.

Most Americans don’t get it.

Meghan Markle wasn’t prepared to be a Duchess. Period. She probably had some naïve ideas just like most of her compatriots and fell in love with the beautiful man of her dreams (and ambitions) and thought, “Yes! This will be amazing!” But…I really don’t think she had a clue what sort of situation she was really getting herself into.

She probably seemed awkward and offensive from the start to the British because she’s…not British. Not necessarily about color totally. Not necessarily? And people resented her.

If anything I’d bet it’s about cultural history, pride (not always tied to racism for the Puritan pseudo-intellectual crowd) and…more than that: Class.

…But… Racism is a powerful weapon. People wanted her to…go? Nobody likes to have another person’s opinions shoved down their throat in their own home without consent and…albeit cowardly and very dishonest I think people were really just snubbing Meghan using the dirtiest and most vile technique they could think of. The easiest too. The meanest. And…it worked.

“How dare you steal our prince you uppity, spoiled, conceited little American actress! This is our country. He’s our prince. Who the hell do you think you are coming here with so much self-righteous self-importance?!”

But honestly I think she should have stayed. If you click the link above you’ll get Elizabeth Wellington’s take. And as much as I respect Ms. Wellington I disagree… And find her piece depressing. *sigh* A lot of very respectable women would have stayed Ms. Wellington. And…all Meghan does by leaving and still benefiting from the crown indirectly is reinforce every racist stereotype that’s been used against her. Every anti-American stereotype that’s been used against her. *shaking head*

No. With the British you keep a stiff upper-lip, wait 40 years and make them eat their words if they’re wrong. Or, you might just need to realize that you’re not in your own country and try to genuinely assimilate. Leaving is admitting to being wrong or being somehow mistaken.


But…I am just American too. Right. What do I know?


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