Jasmine’s Style

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Since “Blue Jasmine” premiered in 2013 Jasmine’s clothes aren’t totally on trend anymore. She had a very classic style but even so I think her look is still at least a teeny bit dated in 2020.

Just for fun here’s a semi update:

Hey! Hey you there. Yeah. You.

*clearing throat*

FYI I look through social media sometimes for fun and to keep up with the fragrance community online. By accident I sometimes see some of the most obvious hints that there are many “haters” still reading this blog and reacting to it online. Let me be clear: I know you’re all mostly just delusional or liars. And, you all probably realize at least on some level that I’m not.

A lot of you will try to find some way to mock or belittle me, especially after this post, but if you have any control over your egos and hurt pride, can you maybe just stop reading this blog? Seriously.

I respected you as people. I’m an honest and respectful person. And I had even respected a lot of you as experts, artists or aficionados. But you seem to have wanted even more than that. And I’m sorry I couldn’t be as impressed by you as you wanted. Or I’m sorry I didn’t give you the constant accolades, blind acceptance, or admiration you apparently thought you were entitled to.

You don’t sound smart anymore. You don’t sound professional. You sound like a lot of fake, insecure, obsessive and rather stupid twats. Actually it’s depressing. You’re degrading yourselves and people see through you so much more than you fool yourself into believing (or they let you think). You’re even making whatever you have accomplished through honest means seem suspect.

Don’t. It’s not worth it. You can’t keep trying to hurt me or prove me wrong without only hurting yourself or looking ill or guilty in some way. There isn’t anything to prove.

It’s time to move on. Stop reading this blog or unfollow me if you need to. I won’t be offended if you don’t read my blog or unsubscribe.

And if you keep reading please know I truly don’t take you seriously anymore. If I read another passive attack I’m going to just start to think that you must be genuinely far beneath me to some truly tragic degree and not just that you’re reasonably insecure. *shrug* It’s embarrassing to watch.


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