My financier father-in-law earns somewhere from about $300 to $500 thousand a year. Maybe a hundred or two more. I don’t know exactly but I know it’s somewhere in that range.

Remember how I told you the price of their main house? Oh you don’t? *nodding head*

He also went to the University of Michigan and Harvard. He’s a partner at his company and has important connections in many places. And that’s just the half of it.

And yet. And yet…I’m sure someone reading this who hates me somewhere read my post the other day and thought something like, “I must be like her father-in-law! Gosh she’s a @$;3h. Some people have to work for a living! Even selling baby wipes. I don’t have time for her ignorant privilege.” Matter-of-fact I ran across someone in particular this morning in the fragrance community who likely thinks they’re standing up for another middle/working class man and seemingly made a whole post to defend my father-in-law.

Oh honey. No.

I think…that it’s important to realize that hatred is blinding. Just like love can be. You know?

Seriously, I do desperately just want to just ignore all of you haters. I’ve tried to unsuccessfully for years. But I’m always so genuinely caught off guard by the audacity of people’s lies or twisted insults, or how delusional or truly unaware people can be. It’d be entertaining if it wasn’t so negative.

But I truly have to let go.

For real. For real… Goodbye. *waving* Sweetie, I don’t take you seriously anymore because you won’t let me. But thanks for encouraging me to think less of most people in general. That’s your legacy as of the moment. “No that’s your legacy!” you yell back. *rolling eyes*

Now go. Please.


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