If I’m being honest with you, given the trajectory of my husband’s career we will definitely be moving or renovating our current house within the next ten years. It’ll be a trade-off. A huge trade-off.

But today we were in the neighborhood and we drove by a home for sale that we’ll hopefully be able to afford within the next ten years. Hopefully. It’d be amazing if it was sooner. (Budgets are relative, by the way. And at around $2 million this house costs less than how much one of my first cousin’s homes cost by a million. And she’s about my age. It’s relative.)

Of course, I do realize that this specific house likely won’t be for sale at that time. But, goodness wouldn’t it be nice if against the odds it was?

It was originally built by Frank B. Kellogg in 1889. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for co-authoring the Kellogg-Briand Pact In 1929 and was once a US Secretary of State as well as a US Senator.

(Image via Wikipedia)

The house is 9,000 sq. ft., has four bedrooms and five bathrooms and is made of red granite. It is also a designated National Historic Landmark.

I love it.

I’ve heard people say that living in a home like this would feel like living in a museum. But, you know, I don’t think it really would. Every home has a history. We live in a house right now from the early 20th Century. It could easily feel like a museum too, but it doesn’t. Of course, it’s smaller but open space doesn’t have to feel foreboding and negative. It can feel cozy.

…It is almost too big though.

(These photos are from the Edina Realty Website and are not my own.)

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