Oha (Repost)

Tea meets rose. (Teo Cabanel 2005) Spicy, woody tea in a cup and delicately honeyed rose petals on a saucer are Oha.

Good grief this is an eerie, slightly shocking and utterly beautiful fragrance though… As I smell an occasional waft I half expect a ghost to pop out of the closet of a Victorian country house any second. It’s shockingly antique in its vibe… And the musk?! Well, iris and musk are up to something but I’m not sure it’s polite or appropriate to discuss… Good golly.

At any rate, it’s sunny and pretty and in someone’s room next to cedar balls the ghost who inspired this scent may linger… And I’ll have to consider buying a bottle.

Top notes: bergamot and tea. Middle notes: cardamom, jasmine and rose. Base notes: woodsy notes, iris, musks, tonka bean and vanilla.

Nose: Jean-François Latty

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