Poême  (Repost)

Vintage Poême (Lancôme 1995) is round and luminous. The honey-hued florals are alternately soapy and juicy, which sounds rather odd but doesn’t present as anything other than a perfect sort of beauty…

Imagine taking a peach infused milk bath in a clawfoot bathtub with fresh mimosa, angel’s trumpets, freesia, and daffodil bouquets sitting in a sunny, open windowsill nearby.

It’s supple, rich and lovely with a slightly vanillic amber bitterness that illuminates the base creating a prismatic, warm light. 

Top notes: peach, Himalayan poppy, plum, green notes, black currant, mandarin orange, datura, bergamot and narcissus.  Middle notes: Rose, jasmine, freesia, leather, mimosa, orange blossom, tuberose, vanilla flower, ylang ylang, and heliotrope. Base notes: musk, amber, tonka bean, vanilla, orange blossom and cedar. 

Nose: Jacques Cavallier 

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