Infusion D’Iris (Repost)

Of course the iris in Infusion d’Iris (Prada 2007) is almost profound, but an honorable mention must go to the variations of orange. The citrus in this scent is so welcome and pretty. And you can’t describe Infusion d’Iris without appreciating the warm-incense, balsamic, and vanillic-smoky base notes. But, it’s also necessary to say that despite the frothy, almost heavy richness of the base the sparking iris is perhaps buoyed by the citrus (?) and floats sublime.

Very spring-like perfection.

Top notes: African orange flower, orange, mandarin orange, and neroli. Middle notes: galbanum, mastic and iris. Base notes: benzoin, Virginia cedar, incense, and vetiver.

Nose: Daniela (Roche) Andrier

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