Reading List Update

I’ve started out 2020 with a plan and part of that plan is to finish my 50 book list.

First I read Me: Stories of My Life, which is Katharine Hepburn’s autobiography of course. It was excellent. Then I read Dubliners by James Joyce followed by Henry James’s Daisy Miller, and The American. Both of Henry James’s novels were tragic, but especially Daisy Miller. If Fitzgerald’s “flirt” Daisy is all surface light and inner darkness Daisy Miller who is also a “flirt” is the heartbreaking opposite. Perhaps Gatsby read too many novels by Henry James…

Unfortunately the only book I had in my own collection from the first four on my list of 50 was Hepburn’s autobiography so I had to take a trip to the library, but it was lovely. I’ve worked in libraries (behind the front desk) and even considered being a librarian for a brief moment because I love it so very much. Libraries are often beautiful places to work and you frequently do so alongside intelligent and particularly deep and grounded people.

For February I’ll read The Golden Bowl; Everybody Behaves Badly: The True Story Behind Hemingway’s Masterpiece The Sun Also Rises; The Sun Also Rises; Mere Christianity and I’ll at least start reading David McCullough’s John Adams, which I own. I’ve read and also have the C.S. Lewis and The Sun Also Rises but the library is providing the other two which will be new reads. Also, I met David McCullough quickly once in college when he came to give a lecture and it’ll be fun to revisit John Adams years later to see if my opinion on the book has changed at all.

What are your favorite books so far this year?

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