Daphne Flower And Edelweiss

The Daphne Flower fragrance collection from Antica Farmacista was of course inspired by the Daphne flower. I was looking for a pretty smelling bath product to use while reading from my monthly reading list. The first time I read The Sun Also Rises back in 2009 for whatever reason I was obsessed with bubble baths and I now associate the two with each other.

This is quite lovely. It’s a tart and sweet light floral. Antica Farmacista describes it as “springlike” and I concur. Although, I have to quickly add that there’s also something about it that reminds me of vintage Guerlain Shalimar. Mostly, the parfum de toilette variety from the 1980’s, actually. It’s intriguing.

The bubbles are nice. I also felt relaxed afterward.

My only qualms, if you can call them that, with this product are the safety of a few of the ingredients (I wouldn’t repurchase for that reason) and I wish I could smell just a little more of the fragrance. Although, it’s not overpowering of course and that’s good.

Edelweiss wine? Yes. It’s locally made too.

Hmm. Will I buy it again though? Probably not? Maybe? It is however unique. And actually, I think it’d probably be more fun in the summer to drink it than in early February. It’s very much meant to be imbibed chilled and the floral/herbal quality would be perfect with outdoor early summer dining. It’s a very novel taste, although it does also remind me a little of a generic Pinot gris so in that way it’s a tad less than unique. (Although Pinot gris is yummy.)

If you’re truly curious, try these in May…

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