Bergamote Soleil Part I.

My husband and I have to devote time intentionally to be together alone. Our lives are just that busy.

My husband decided to treat me to tea and finger sandwiches recently. Along with that he purchased a new fragrance for me from Sephora from the phthalate-free Atelier Cologne. No, I am not pregnant again. Ha! But, I have decided to change my signature fragrance again because ADP Colonia in vintage form was too masculine for me for every day use (I still love it though) and I wanted something new and fresh but without phthalates. I asked my husband to pick a fragrance based on who he believes I am, and he chose Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil.

I’m still processing my opinions on it and I purchased a few other things from Sephora that I’ll review too so for now I’ll just say that he was very perceptive. Bergamot Soleil really is very me. I have a feeling I’m going to love this one for years… It even smells nice in winter. Although, vintage No. 22 and the others are still signatures too. Perhaps I’ll just use them for special occasions. Like, very vintage No. 22 for evening and night as it’s more appropriate than this bergamot note.

And I bought a new teapot from an antique store for the tea. We bought very good Darjeeling and it deserved its own teapot. This is an English made, early 20th Century (1930’s or before) Woods & Sons Enoch Woods English Scenery teapot. It reminds me of the teapots my mother used while I was growing-up and I love it.

May I suggest two Darjeeling varieties if you ever buy Darjeeling? Castleton and Margaret’s Hope (I’ve had Margaret’s Hope from another brand before and it was nice then too). They’re amazing. So perfectly tart but delicate and fresh and rich and yet light… Yum!!

I’m really, really liking Bergamote Soleil. And no, I’m not sharing my tea source. Ha!

More later. Let’s hope the new fragrance works long-term.

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