Niche Surprise

My husband gave me Athalia for Valentine’s Day and it’s bizarrely perfect for me. I don’t usually fare as well with niche fragrances, however this is very becoming on me. And I truly love it now. Tons.

So…since I’m too heartbroken to wear vintage No. 22 as my overall signature as it now has bad memories attached to it, and Bergamote Soleil is too much of a daytime fragrance this will be my signature at night. When I go out with my husband or when we all go out as a family for special occasions it’ll be heavenly. I love it. It works beautifully with my chemistry and my husband adores it on me. It’s openly sensual yet still tasteful according to him.


I’ll always have No. 22, Orangers En Fleurs and the others as “signatures” but Soleil Bergamote and Athalia are a bit different. No. 22 was me as a young and melancholy adult. Still my soul but in the past now. Orangers En Fleurs is just really lovely with my chemistry. And the others were about mourning. These two are just the unvarnished me and they smell very good on my me too. People should wear what compliments them most honestly and best.

Thank you to my sweetie, Mark for making today special. I love you.

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