J’ai fait un rêve – clair (Repost)


J’ai fait un rêve – clair blossoms with bright, sharp floral notes – predominantly orange blossom  (Majda Bekkali 2010).  There’s a tender jasmine, a pefect leather and incense and a soft but beautifully placed note of papyrus.  It’s elegant, cutting and structured but amazingly whimsical too and of course beautiful.

Top notes:  petitgrain,  neroli , cumin, floral notes, blackcurrent leaf and elemi.   Middle notes: Orange blossom, and jasmine.  Base notes: castoreum, Musk, white cedar, guaiac, leather, labdanum, incense, floral notes and papyrus.


It was not a good week.  Gosh I can’t stand living in Seattle…  I feel like I landed in a bad dream and can’t wake up sometimes.   But the city itself is lively and I love the way that optimistic, bustling energy feels…    Still, I’d go back home to the peaceful, lovely quiet in half a heartbeat if I could.


Oh!  But I am finally losing my last few pounds…

Gosh I hate it here.


…  🙂

Have a nice weekend.



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