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Years ago I had the idea to wear all black or all white and style it with silk scarves. That did not work out.

Recently I’ve had the idea to wear a few signature pieces frequently and find ways to work a wardrobe around those pieces. For example: A strand of pearls or a gold watch. And, I’m going to actually go with that general idea…

In the next few weeks I’m going to be adding a pair of shoes, a handbag, and a baseball hat to my wardrobe. The shoes were instant love. The bag is my “forever bag” and the baseball hat is a suggestion from a friend who understands my sense of style better than most.

The shoes will force my style to evolve into what it was always meant to be. That’s healthy. *smile*

The bag is the fruit of years of research and contemplation. I’m excited.

And the hat… The hat is because I’m lovable *smile* and sometimes I don’t wash my hair in the morning. *laugh* And sometimes I do wash my hair but I don’t style it. With two little kids time goes by extremely quickly and a baseball hat is perfect. It’s also a look that genuinely works for me.

What about you (haters and non-haters alike)? Do you have signature pieces? We all have jewelry or shoes or something we love to wear but like a signature scent I think signature pieces or “wearables” (as I call them) have to be a reflection and expression of who one really is. My current list: Pearl earrings, the bag, the hat and the shoes I’ll be adding in the next few weeks. Do you have a bag that’s you and that you could or do build your wardrobe around? Maybe your Louis Vuitton Speedy? Maybe it’s a ring? Maybe a necklace? Maybe your glasses? A pair of shoes? Your Goyard? Your vintage Coach bag? A scarf…

More to come.

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