Tahitian Gardenia (Repost)

Touting itself as a natural, micro-batch fragrance house, Pacifica can be, in my experience, hit or miss. Some Pacifica scents seem to carelessly deconstruct themselves quickly and waft away from you to the point that one wonders if you’re wearing perfume or if it’s just faint remnants of fabric softener lingering on your clothes mixed with the vague smell of one’s shampoo and that sounds better than it even is… Basically they just smell overly synthetic, cheap and very weak.

But…on my skin…Tahitian Gardenia is the exception. And I would have given up on this house years ago based on my previous experiences if not for the fact that I tried Tahitian Gardenia soap once and I recalled that it was actually quite lovely. So, I bought a non-committal rollerball the other night and have been using it since. It really is nice.

It’s not a passionate or truly elegant gardenia, like the Gardenia in Chanel’s Les Exclusifs. Nor is it heady, subversive and almost too opulent as in the vintage cult classic Tuvaché Jungle Gardenia. No… It’s fruity, very cheerful and simply pleasant. It might even be too simple if not for the tea leaf that adds a cool nod to a casual charm, hidden depth and sophistication. It’s fun but not insipid.

I quite like it.

My only qualm is that it’s not very long lasting. But at the price it is, that’s not terribly concerning…

Notes: Gardenia, jasmine, sweet orange and tea leaf.

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