No. 22 (Repost)

2015-01-17 15.29.42

Chanel No. 22 from the current Les Exclusifs De Chanel smells an incredible amount like its aldehydic, white floral, 1922 predecessor.  It’s lighter, a bit less complex perhaps and a lot more airy.  It’s also less mysterious…

But it’s still an utterly fantastic fragrance.  Chanel No. 22 is my signature scent.

2015-01-17 15.28.11

As I’m writing this I have a horrible headache (maybe it’s actually a migraine) and I feel extremely tired…  So, if I seem less articulate or full of things to prattle on about that’s why.

My book of the week is out of commission until after my parent has heart surgery in the near future.  I truly enjoy reading but sometimes my mind wanders from the page due to lack of sleep, and my emotions need an outlet instead of a means of distraction.  I also just want to sit with my husband right now and not be totally distant – to enjoy his company.

It’s going to be a hard next few weeks. I hate this time of the year in the Midwest anyway, so oddly I’m glad it’s all happening now.  At least the gloomy, bitter weather fits the situation appropriately.  Sometimes when it’s sunny and delightful outside and something painful is going on it can make it feel worse, in my opinion…  The sun just adds an unpleasant contrast. Although, I know plenty of people who feel the exact opposite way about the weather.

Anyway.  🙂

That’s all until Friday…

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