Tara (Repost)

Tara, A Legendary Fragrance is absolutely fabulous (polite but wonderful sillage too). I’ve been spraying fragrances on my husband for testing lately and this one is too lovely to keep for another day. I can’t find the notes anywhere online, but it must certainly be an opulent, green, and very strong jasmine, I believe, with a gutsy lily-of-the-valley. There’s also something warm and a little bit spicy. Perhaps it’s sandalwood, carnation and rose? Maybe heliotrope? And I’m guessing at amber and musk? Tuberose, ylang-ylang and benzoin could even be notes? It’s a little bit reminiscent of vintage Gloria Vanderbilt in its floral sweetness and warmth. I wish I could find a definite list… At any rate, I’m glad I blind bought this one a while ago.

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