Norell, 1968 (Repost)

Norell 1

I purchased Norell online without having any idea what it would smell like.  It was part of a grouping of vintage fragrances being sold on eBay.   I knew it was somewhat popular with people who either were around when it was first used, or with people who like classic older scents.

Well, I finally tried it and I actually had fun wearing it.  It was such a funky scent.

People on online perfume sites often talk about how elegant this fragrance is. I respectfully disagree.  I think it’s a little too zany to be truly elegant overall. However, there is an elegant side to this scent, and it’s definitely pretty.  It’s a lush, likable green floral fragrance, sort of like Chanel no. 19, which actually came out just two years after Norell debuted. But, I also kept smelling something that reminded me of cucumber and melon, then there was rain, and then there was this vivid spiciness.  It shifted over time and was actually a bit dramatic in it’s contrasts.  It felt fresh, intelligent, and pretty in a late 20th Century way and I kept seeing an image of a young Meryl Streep in a trench coat with her hair up every time I smelled my wrist.  I was almost sure I was remembering an actual scene with Meryl Streep  from Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and after a bit of research, I discovered that I was remembering a real scene. (Meryl Streep wearing a trench coat in Kramer vs. Kramer: here.)

Anyway, I enjoyed wearing vintage Norell (Norell, 1968) and it just exacerbates my already growing fascination with perfume.  It’s very intriguing…

Norell 2

Norell 7 Revlon Really Red lipstick, Allure nail color by Essie, vintage 1950’s silver tone hoop earrings, men’s Gap navy wool cardigan, navy and white stripped knit shirt by Ralph Lauren, khaki Merona shorts, brown Banana Republic tights, and black leather Cole Haan boots

I was inspired by the Meryl Streep image I had in my head when I put together the outfit above.  All I needed was a trench coat. Perhaps the next time I wear Norell…

Norell 3

Revlon, Really Red

Until Sunday.  🙂

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