Connemara (Repost)

This is a gorgeous Lily-of-the-valley on a warm bed of pretty peach, gentle rose, cozy orris, whimsical carnation with just a dab of vanilla (Fragrances of Ireland). A slightly spicy, Samsara-like sandalwood eventually emerges. Some detect a lot of violet with this one, and I suppose I do too, but it mixes so with the jasmine in my perception that they seem to become one. At any rate, this is a very well done, underrated fragrance that I imagine could be worn the whole year. It has that unique balance of warmth and floral delicacy. Very pretty!

Top notes: freesia, lily-of-the-valley and violet. Middle notes: carnation, rose and ylang-ylang. Base notes: peach, sandalwood, orris, musk and vanilla.

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