Hové Parfumeur (Repost)

I’ve never been to New Orleans, Louisiana, but someday I want to visit and stop by Hové Parfumeur in the French Quarter at 434 Chartres St..  Hové Parfumeur was originally located at 529 Royal Street when it was started in 1931 by Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King, the wife of a retired Navy Commander.  She had spent her life traveling around the world, cultivating her talent, passed down from her Creole French mother, of making beautiful perfume when she decided to open Hové.

529 Royal St., previously home to the Spanish Governor, and the eventual location for Hové Parfumeur. 529 Royal St., previously home to the Spanish Governor, and the eventual location for Hové Parfumeur.

In 1938 Hové Parfumeur was relocated to 723 Toulouse St. where it would be for 44 years.  It was during this time that my sample bottles of perfume were made.  When I open the box I smell what can only be described as lush, Southern, Tropical and gorgeous.  The stunning scent is a combination of Carnaval, Magnolia, Rue Royal, Tea olive, Creole Days and Gardenia – all part of their “standard line.”

DSC07180 (2) Carnaval, Rue Royal, Creole Days, Magnolia, Tea Olive and Gardenia

DSC07167 (2)

DSC07172 (2) Hové Parfumeur, 723 Toulouse Street, New Orleans

723 Toulouse St.:

NOLA 1959 NOLA 1959

I love the Hové website’s poetic descriptions.  Magnolia is, “The true Southern Magnolia, a fragrance of subdued warmth cooled by fresh notes, redolent of the deep south.”  And while Tea Olive is described as having a, “…languid and exotic sweetness heightened by a teasing piquantness…  Rue Royal is my favorite:  “A hint of musk pervades this basically dry and light fragrance, selected most often by fair brunettes who wish a quiet elegance.

DSC07182 (3)

Rue Royal, for a, Rue Royal, for, “…fair brunettes who wish a quiet elegance.”

The only catch is that my bottles are mostly evaporated – probably where that lovely scent came from…  But, I’m excited, because after doing a bit of sleuthing I discovered that it is possible to reconstitute an old bottle of perfume.  One needs to be careful, and use only the right sort of alcohol, but it is potentially possible.

I have a bottle of vintage Dior, Miss Dior to reconstitute too.  So, in the near future I’m going to buy either perfumer’s alcohol from Etsy (probably the safest and best choice) or Everclear from a state bordering ours that sells it.  The alcohol needs to be at least 190 proof to work, so Everclear or perfumer’s alcohol are two of the best options…

In the meantime, we’ve been pretty busy this week.   At some point though, my plan is to make Apple Pan Dowdy.  Apples are in season and after hearing the song, Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy once years ago I’ve always wanted to try it.  If it’s at all decent I’m going to have to post a photo on Friday…

From, 1946 – June Christy, Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy

Until Friday. 🙂

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