I wandered through Instagram’s streams today and found posts that were…surprising. You’d think I’d have seen them before based on things I’ve said on my blog recently, but in a very creepy coincidence I hadn’t. Any of them.

My gosh.

What do you say to people who hate themselves? Who see their perceived “flaws” in such a gruesome way? Who feel their life is ugly and see themselves that way too? It’s stupidly trite but honest to say that you can’t save people from their self-hatred. Still, it grieves me to see people so profoundly negative about themselves.

Some people never feel safe enough to be genuinely themselves. Or maybe they don’t feel good enough? Nice enough? Normal enough? Enough of anything. They just feel hatred and anger towards themselves and almost any other living being.

That’s sad. *shrug* Truly sad.

I’m not sure what else to write… It’s all going to sound patronizing and that’s sad too because I’m not trying to be patronizing in saying any of this.

And even if people are able to accept themselves it still can be difficult to be friends with anyone who is different than us in some significant way. Genuine friends. Tragically, in a world filled with evil and pain it’s rarely possible. Sometimes people make it too difficult to even be acquainted by making huge, arrogant assumptions based on their identity and life experiences and the lens of their own pain and insecurities.

All of you reading this: Please take care of yourselves. Please be truly good. And you can be good to yourself. To others. Please try to be.

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