Liu (Repost)


Vintage Liu parfum (Guerlain 1929) reminds me a great deal of vintage Chanel No. 5 (as many have said)…   I can also see the resemblance between vintage Liu and Bois des Îles and Chanel No. 22. It’s sweeter and more citrusy than the other fragrances listed though (at least on my skin) and it has an almost spicy, leather-like, boozy, yet fresh menthol edge… It’s warm and sensual although in much more coy and passive way than say, Chanel No. 5.

Liu is powdery aldehydes.  It’s gorgeous really… And it’s tremendously elegant.

Top notes: aldehydes, neroli and bergamot.  Middle notes: rosemary, jasmine, orris and rose.  Base notes: iris, amber, vanilla and woody notes. 

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