For Fish

I’ve come to realize that there are three types of people in the world. There are the people who ingest fish tank anti-parasite cholorquine because they don’t know any better, the people who use that kind of tragic ignorance and stupidity for personal gain or self-aggrandizement, and the people who stand by and watch in sincere repulsion.

Let’s take an American classic: The Great Gatsby. The character ingesting the fish medicine? Gatsby. Poor, dear, foolish Gatsby. The media sources using one occasion of desperate stupidity to totally vilify a potentially life saving drug in the current pandemic? Daisy and Jay. Those of us who stand by and watch, nauseated by the grand spectacle of evil? Nick Carraway.

Hydroxychloroquine is a brilliant drug that currently saves lives and has saved countless other lives for generations. It’s not just some hocus pocus nonsense as some would have us believe. The thing is…it’s extremely potent. You can overdose over time or all at once. And it has to be administered very intelligently. You can’t just add it to your soda… You can’t use your fish medicine version of it safely.

Good God.

It’s tragic that Tom and Daisy don’t have the capacity to understand the brilliant intricacy of the world around them or take the time to notice. Or it’s tragic they can’t appreciate beauty that isn’t theirs to command? Respect any intelligence that they don’t posses. And that those who worship them follow along seemingly blindly to their own demise.

Note: You always have to think for yourself. You can choose to just trust people too, but that should also be a conscious choice in a lot of situations.

Some absolute genius people who were trying to save true heroes invented a fantastic drug in the 1940’s (and eventually we had its derivative Hydroxycholorquine) that we can still use with care and precaution today. Care and precaution. Care and precaution. Two essentials in medicine that make many other potentially lethal chemicals and instruments used to save lives safe and necessary.

But no… Daisy has to have her way at the expense of Myrtle, Gatsby, Nick and probably eventually her child. So, let’s just stand back and let Tom and Daisy keep lying to us and using us. *rolling eyes* It’s all a just wicked game to people who have little empathy and no sense of the genuine existence of others. They should be ignored, at the very least. Tom and Daisy need attention.

And that my dears is why Trump might very well win the US Presidency again. People have come to loathe the Buchanans.

They’re beautiful. They sometimes are able to seem elegant and they easily convince many of their supremacy including (to some degree) Fitzgerald, the actual author himself. But not everyone falls for it.

I have some very significant qualms with Trump but I can’t stand Tom and Daisy. And the good news is they can’t stand folks like me either. *smile*

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