The Chaos and Some Meaningful Frivolity

Have I had the virus? Possibly. I’ve had some odd symptoms that may have been Covid-19. I don’t know. It’s terrifying. Isn’t it?

Regardless, we’ve been careful in regard to social distancing and I can only hope for the best. As much as they keep reporting on young people dying it’s still primarily a disease that affects older members of the world more. Sorry, if you’re around 60 or older and reading this, but you’re the folks I’m concerned about most. I can only hope I’m one of the fortunate younger people who don’t get that sick. And we really have tried to be careful.

I’ll keep reposting my old fragrance reviews. But other than that and the occasional update, such as posts about books, I’ll probably be mostly quiet. I want to be careful not to add more noise to the chaos on this blog.

My Launer Traviata will be posted in the next few weeks as it was custom made and it took time to finish. I’ll post a photo of it and my husband has decided I need a trench anyway so I’ll post a photo of that too. My “usables”. The permanent parts of my wardrobe. Ha! *smile*

And anyway, I really could use the trench. It’s been rainy and chilly here and if I go outside in our yard at least or to the grocery store it’s useful. (Limited places due to Covid-19) Very practical. He also has procured a wedding ring from Weir & Sons and the engagement ring is an emerald cut emerald from the US. They suit my “…objectively refined, elegant and timeless beauty” as he described it. And, like an emerald, my lack of guile and conceit about my beauty both outward and inward makes me more vulnerable to the those who wish me harm but also adds character. I suspect these rings will be till death do us part. I don’t think I’ll post photos of them on this blog however.

My trench

And that’s the last you’ll see about any of my Earthly possessions other than the post about the bag because you’ve all been waiting for the “forever bag” for a while. It took time.

I honestly care a heck of a lot about what’s going on. And, you’ll all be in my prayers hater or not.

Take care until later.

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