Mantrap (Repost)

2014-12-30 18.10.58 (2)Mantrap (Hové Parfumeur 1930’s) is a very flowery, musky, intensely vintage fragrance.  According to Hové, Mantrap is a, “…heavy oriental..” with, “heavy resinous notes…”  but I think it’s a bit more crisp and almost green than that description allows.  I also experience it as  more of a floral chypre than an oriental, but they, of course, are the experts and have the full list of notes…  I just feel like Mantrap has more of an aromatic, spicy floral complexity that is more Aromatics Elixir than Shalimar, especially at first.  However, that could just be a trick of my chemistry and relative inexperience.

In any case, it’s a very unique, beautiful perfume.  It has great sillage, and decent longevity.  I will never tire of recommending Hové Parfumeur…  Never.

2015-04-04 12.36.38 (2)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has received numerous raving reviews and is quite popular.  It supposedly is a special sort of foundation that works small miracles.  I was fortunate enough to receive the above pictured sample from Sephora a while back…  And, to be blunt, I’m not impressed.  Based on my experience it doesn’t seem any better than almost any other high end foundation I’ve ever used.  Matter of fact, I can think of three companies that make foundations I like more (Clinique, Chanel and Lancôme).  So, needless to say, I will not be purchasing Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  Maybe it has something to do with my skin though?  Who knows…  If you’re curious, of course I recommend trying it for yourself.

2015-04-16 12.00.01Dior Diorshow Mascara is pretty fantastic.  This mascara lives up to the hype.  It thickens my lashes considerably, lengthens them and adds definition.  Essentially, this mascara is basically perfect, except it does flake the tiniest bit and that’s sort of annoying, but it’s so darn good otherwise that I almost don’t care.  It smells good too…  I might not say that it’s the best mascara ever, but it has to be one the best.  Definitely.  I may very well buy it again.  And again.

2015-05-23 12.08.05 (2)

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat was a total disappointment.  It caused breakouts and didn’t do a thing to “highlight” my skin the way it is supposed to.  I also tried using it as concealer and that wasn’t terrible, but again, it caused my skin to erupt in tiny pimples – not pretty.  I know a lot of people love this product, but I would never recommend it, especially if you have skin that still has the occasional pimple.  I think that the attached brush is part of the problem because unless you remember to clean it with your other brushes it just keeps getting more grimy every time you use it (of course).  Ugh.


This week I’m looking forward to a visit from my in-laws.  I’ll be making a linguini with white clam sauce, my husband will make fresh bread and we’ll have blueberry pie for dessert.  And, on Sunday I’ll be attending a family wedding.  I’m already planning what to wear…  I’m thinking a vintage lavender dress with sandals, and a matching Schiaparelli rainbow tourmaline crystal bracelet and necklace would be best.  We’ll see.

At any rate, I don’t have much to say today that’s of a personal nature, but again, and as always, thank you for reading…  🙂

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