Chanel no. 19 (Repost)

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I found my bottle of vintage Chanel no. 19 edt. on eBay from a seller who’s mother owned a department store.  She apparently had tons of samples from decades ago and I have been enjoying my bottle of authentic, well-preserved vintage Chanel no. 19 all day.  Some say that vintage bottles are weary, broken and unusable.  I say, there’s nothing like a good bottle of vintage perfume.  There’s nothing bruised in my bottle of no. 19.  🙂

Chanel no. 19 (Chanel 1970*) is a wild perfume, and the edt. version from the 1980’s is true to that soul.  It’s a perfectly executed mixture of a 1970’s, earthy, edgy aesthetic (think Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster from 1976) and classic 1920’s Chanel perfumes, which produces a daring and elegant concoction of old and new.  It speaks of being honestly yourself but also embracing change – allowing for the same but creating anew. The perfume was named no. 19 due to the fact that Coco Chanel’s birthday was August 19th and it was created by Henri Robert for Chanel when she was in her last years of life.

*found on: Fragrantica

I also wore the dress I found while antiquing recently.  I was told it was most likely from the 70’s when I purchased it, but right from the start I kept seeing 1930’s touches.   After wearing it I was even more convinced it was from the 30’s – there was something about it’s shape, the way it draped and even the design around the shoulders that looked so 1930’s to me. I suppose some might say the colors are very 70’s, but the 30’s used those colors too…  Anyway, after doing a little more looking I saw a tag saying it was acrylic and then the wondering ceased – acrylic fabric wouldn’t be from the 30’s…  So, to me, it’s 70’s does 30’s which is perfect for wearing Chanel no. 19.

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DSC07141 (2) Mikimoto pearl stud earrings, vintage 70’s dress, Cole Haan leather sandals
DSC07125 (2) My husband thought heels would look good with the dress, so I tried that too…

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  1. At first I too was thinking that it was not 70s because of the length. At the beginning of the 70s mini-skirts were omnipresent. However, I’m remembering that at least by 1977, I was wearing longer lengths. I love the dress–good find!

    1. Well, it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one. Thank you for sharing that. ha! I vaguely remember seeing my mother wearing long dresses in photos from that time period…

      It was only $7.00. Thank you! 🙂

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