Chanel no. 5 eau de cologne (Repost)

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I suppose I’m not supposed to wear Chanel no. 5 in the middle of the week, for no particular reason, but I am.  I’m wearing it on a Wednesday, and I’m not going anywhere “special.”  And I say, why not?  I do see the virtue in saving special things for special occasions, but sometimes special things can be nice during non-special days, and of course many would argue, as would I, that every day is valuable and special in it’s own way…


It’s floral, powdery and it fizzes madly.  It’s a gem.  I love Chanel no. 5 (Chanel 1921).

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Today I wore the vintage cologne version, although recently I did happen to wear the edp and, of course, it had significantly stronger sillage…  Actually, many suggest  (as does Fragrantica) that there is a great difference between the cologne, eau de toilette, and eau de parfum beyond just the variance in strength.  I wonder how that could be…  I need to do more research.

I’ve been reading a lot of perfume blogs recently and I’m hoping to find some good books.  I’ve shared a link or two to other perfume blogs already, and if I find a good book I’ll share that too.  I’m sure there are many…

What else?

Well, I’m tired, as usual…  So is my husband.  I can’t say how my son feels for certain, but I’m guessing he’s not particularly tired. 🙂  Mom and dad need to work on not staying up so late after he goes to bed.  It’s hard not to though – it’s so nice to see my husband and even watch television with him.

Thing is, in general, we try to find ways to be healthy, outside of getting enough sleep (need to work on that) but, honestly, I feel as though my diet recently has been lacking a certain zip.  I mean I think it’s great to have the occasional treat (as in other posts) and, again, we do try to eat pretty well, but…  eh…   Something tells me we could do better.

I don’t want to go vegan, gluten-free, paleo or even vegetarian yet.  I totally respect all those options, but they’re not for me right now.  I do think we need to eat more fresh foods, protein and complex carbs though.

Meal planning?  Maybe that’s the ticket… I think I’ll try that.  I’ll just spray loads of this Chanel cologne on and then try to come up with delicious ideas.  That should work. Right?  I’m sure that the Aldehydes and other notes of Jasmine, Vetiver and Rose should bring some zest to my gastronomical imagination.

We’ll see.  Until Friday.

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