Chamade (Repost)

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Today I’m wearing Chamade (Guerlain, 1969).  The name was supposedly inspired by the Francoise Sagan novel, “La Chamade.”   In Sagan’s novel a man and a woman in 1960’s Paris fall deeply in love but of course, something must get in the way of their future together and, since the man is poor, social class issues destroy the relationship (apparently – I haven’t read it).    But, none-the-less the love is deep and supposedly moving and Chamade is meant to evoke the feeling of that tragic romance.  According to Frangrantica it’s meant to, “…emulate the heavy heartbeat of a person in love…”

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Really, it reminded me of a much prettier, generally better version of Cie.  Cue Candice Bergen’s, “Cie is me” commercial…

I’m not sure if I smelled the longing, the lusting, the overpowering magic of love in Chamade.   And, in it’s current form the longevity is lacking.  Sorry…  But it is an excellent perfume (could a classic Guerlain really be anything less than at least excellent?).  It’s a late 1960’s/early 1970’s green scent, and it’s a wonderful one – with some skin chemistry it smells particularly warm and exquisite.

I’m actually working on a novel myself, and the idea of a scent with a story is interesting to me.  I plan to try to read the Francoise Sagan novel sooner than later and who knows, maybe after reading the novel, I’ll better understand and appreciate the sort of love that can be detected in Chamade…

On a family note, our Thanksgiving, yesterday, was pleasant and thank God, my son is doing a lot better.  🙂  His fever is gone, and he’s just recovering now.



Until Sunday.

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