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The current formulation of Eternity (Calvin Klein 1988) is airy, crisp but not what I remember from the original.  Matter of fact it almost stinks, although the drydown is better.   The newer version is made by Coty Prestige and smells a bit cheap with less depth.  I need to find an old bottle. I know this fragrance was over-worn, but I liked it back in the day…

Top notes: sage, freesia, green notes, citruses, and mandarin orange.  Middle notes: violet, carnation, jasmine, lily, marigold, narcissus, rose, and lily-of-the-valley.  Base notes: heliotrope, musk, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

It’s funny how much certain things can take out of you.  I think I first felt that when I was a child and I realized how sad sadness actually feels.  And, at that age, emotions are new experiences – bright and poignant.

As adults we have to navigate so much.  Don’t we?  It’s hard to know if we’re making the right decision or not.  Really, really hard.

Someone said to me this week, in regard to a specific situation my husband and I are facing, “I think you just want someone to tell you what to do.”  But this lovely soul was mistaken (as she kindly heard me say)…  It’s not that we want to be told what to do.  It’s that we want to know what to do and if someone’s just telling you what to do, you don’t necessarily truly know.  At least, I don’t think so…  But, I do wish sometimes, that we had more information to work with.  So much of life seems to be about making educated guesses doesn’t it?

Ah well…

Until Sunday.

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  1. I just purchased a bottle of Eternity, only to discover that they can reformulate cologne. I was shocked at the pungeant smell compared to what I grew up with in the 90’s. Goodluck on finding that original bottle.

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